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What is Terrazzo?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Terrazzo is an environmentally friendly engineered stone composed of natural aggregates such as marble, jade, glass, and seashells mixed with cementitious binder. It undergoes multiple processing steps to become a commonly used construction material, widely applied in the decoration of walls, floors, furniture, and more. Terrazzo has some differences compared to quartz stone. Below is an explanation of the definition and advantages of terrazzo.

What is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is an eco-friendly building material made by mixing natural aggregates such as crushed stone, glass, seashells, and cement, followed by multiple processing steps. This type of stone offers diverse design styles and unique characteristics, making it increasingly popular in commercial and residential decor. Terrazzo can be used in various aspects, including walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchen countertops, and more.

Advantages of Terrazzo:

High hardness and durability: Terrazzo has a hardness level of 6-8, making it resistant to cracking and capable of withstanding heavy loads and dragging.

High sanitation: Terrazzo flooring is not prone to dust accumulation, ensuring high cleanliness. It is suitable for environments requiring high sanitation standards, such as the pharmaceutical industry.

Fire resistance: Terrazzo exhibits high fire resistance, as it is non-combustible, odorless, and does not cause environmental pollution.

Environmental friendliness: Terrazzo is an environmentally friendly building material that does not contain harmful substances such as epoxy resin and formaldehyde, making it safe for the environment.

Seamless processing: Terrazzo can be seamlessly processed, allowing for cutting and transportation before segmented installation. This greatly reduces the risks associated with installation and transportation.

Easy cleaning and maintenance: Terrazzo flooring is not prone to dust accumulation, making it easy to clean and maintain. Regular sweeping and wiping are sufficient to maintain its excellent surface appearance. Common cleaning agents are suitable for terrazzo maintenance. Waxing and polishing are not required frequently and can be performed selectively or periodically as needed to maintain a good surface finish.

Terrazzo Applications in Space Decoration:

Flooring: Terrazzo is widely used for floor decoration, offering options for color and patterns. The rich and diverse mosaic effects add an artistic ambiance to interior design, showcasing elegance and grandeur.

Commercial spaces: Terrazzo is commonly used for wall and floor decoration in large spaces such as shopping malls, shops, and restaurants. It can also be applied to the design and decoration of specific spatial components like staircases, creating interesting effects.

Wall decoration: In residential renovations, terrazzo is often used for wall decoration in bathrooms and kitchens. It can be used as a large area or for localized decoration, providing functional division and facilitating easy cleaning.

Terrazzo Pricing:

Terrazzo pricing is typically calculated per square foot and is approximately half the price of marble.

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